• Science Fair

    All 8th grade students must test and analyze results for an experiment of their own design. Students in grades 6 and 7 are strongly encouraged to design and test an experiment as an optional extra credit science activity.  Selected students will participate in the YCSD district science fair to be held at Grafton Complex in January. 

    A science fair project can be self-validating and exciting because it is not just practice. It involves real discovery of little known or even unknown information. 

    The project usually is based on scientific questions or interests that the students already have, and allows them to develop the questions independently into formal, testable, solvable problems.

    Learning the outcome and finding the answer can be an electrifyingly powerful moment of discovery. It proves to students, and to others, that they were successful and that they did it on their own!

    Additionally, science fair projects can open the doors of academic opportunity.


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