• What I Do

         A speech pathologist, also known as a speech language pathologist, is a highly trained professional who evaluates, diagnoses, and treats patients that have communication disabilities. They help individuals prevent or overcome communication problems such as: articulation, impaired language, stuttering, slurring, or lisps. People with swallowing disorders, muliple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and learning disabilities benefit from working with speech pathologists. When a person suffers a major trauma or stroke, they often lose their ability to communicate and speak, so they have a speech-language pathologist work with them.

         They use many therapeutic methods to help people overcome speech problems, such as group therapy, individual or one-on-one therapy, or family therapy sessions, and tailor them to meet each person's individual needs. A speech pathologist employs pictures, sign language, sound analyzers, books, toys, multimedia computer programs, and automated devices, along with working on pronunciation and sounds, to help people become understood and more confident.