• Augmentative Communication



    Augmentative communication refers to a total functional alternative communication system or technique which enables a person to communicate when standard methods, such as speech are not sufficient.Augmentative communication is most often used with students and adults who have significant disabilities impacting language or those who do not have the ability to speak.AAC comes in many forms ranging anywhere from a sophisticated electronic device to a simple array of objects. These individuals may use gestures, manual signs, communications boards, pictures, symbols, drawings or a combination of all of these.Other assistive technology devices include computers, hand held devices, and voice output devices.

    These systems are highly individualized. Factors such as the age of the individual user, the cause of the disability, the course of the disability, and the user's environmental demands are all important considerations in the selection of the system and affect the user's subsequent success with the system.


    To learn more about augmentative communication, visit the websites selected by your York County School Division Speech-Language Pathologists.



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