• Fine Arts

    Fine Arts education is an integral part of the total instructional program. Knowledge and skills that students acquire through instruction in the fine arts include the abilities to think critically, solve problems creatively, make informed judgments, work cooperatively within groups, appreciate different cultures, imagine and create.

    Parents of all students have the ability to view their child’s progress in school via the Aspen Family Portal. Please visit the Aspen Family Portal page for additional information. 

    The Secondary Program of Studies provides a complete directory of courses offered within the York County School Division, along with course descriptions. Below is the list of Bruton High School teachers and courses taught in this content area.



    Joseph Brown

    Chorus I & II



    Catherine Clawson

    Art III & IV


    Directed Study Art


    Photography and Communications Design I & II


    AP Studio Art 2D



    Kerri DiFiore

    Adv Theatre I, IV



    Shannon Jones

    Art I, II


    Ceramic A & B


    Crafts: Cultural Arts


    Crafts: Deco Arts



    Lee Knight

    Dance Arts I, II, III, IV



    Laura Maney

    Adv Theatre II, III



    Brandon Monroe

    Brass I & II


    Directed Study Music


    Guitar (acoustic)


    Music Theory A & B


    Percusion I & II


    Stage Band I & II


    Woodwinds I & II



    Brian Murray

    Adv. Tech Theatre


    Technical Theatre




    Drama 2, 3, 4A