• Parents of TMS Students with Asthma

    Parents of TMS Students with ASTHMA:

    As a parent of a student with asthma, I have a few suggestions for you that will help me in providing nursing care for your child while at school.

    Please make sure your child’s Inhaler are at TMS in the beginning of the school year along with the completed forms.

    Please complete the form that allows your child to have an inhaler at school if it is needed.. They need to be completed and signed by MD and parent. All forms are downloadable at the TMS clinic website

    Asthma Action Plan needs to be filled out and signed by the MD and parent. We strongly encourage students to be allowed to Self-Carry and Self- Administer while in middle school with permission. They would keep the inhaler in their hall locker and always have quick access to their inhaler during and after school.

    One medication sheet for the inhaler along with the asthma action plan. Medication Form,

    Please inform your child’s teachers, bus driver, and coaches of their food allergy. The teacher’s email address is their first initial and last name @ycsd.york.va.us.

    If you would like to communicate with me, please call 867-7456 or you can email me at

    plocher@ycsd.york.va.us. The forms may be faxed to TMS Clinic at 855-369-2609.

    Thank you,

    Pamela O. Locher RN, BSN