• Career & Technical Education

    Career/Technical Education (CTE) courses are designed to prepare young people for productive futures while meeting the commonwealth's need for well-trained and industrycertified technical workers. A sequence of courses can provide students with entry-level employment skills for internships, apprenticeships and preparation for industry certification. All CTE courses listed meet the Career and Technical Education credit requirements for graduation. CTE courses are offered in the following categories: Business & Information Technology, Health & Medical Sciences, Marketing Education, and Technology Education.

    Parents of all students have the ability to view their child’s progress in school via the Aspen Family Portal. Please visit the Aspen Family Portal page for additional information. 

    The Secondary Program of Studies provides a complete directory of courses offered within the York County School Division, along with course descriptions. Below is the list of Bruton High School teachers and courses taught in this content area.

    Teachers Courses
    Chris Boop Intro to Health & Medical Services
      Sports Medicine
      Leadership Development
    Steve Colwell Adv Draw/Design/CAD
      Architectural Drawing/Design
      Basic Tech Drawing
      Engineering Drawing & Design
    Luke Taylor Economics & Personal Finance
      Sports Marketing 1 & 2
      Market I Co-op, Market I OE
      Direct Study Business Prog
    Scott Munn Computer Applications
      Computer Information Systems
      Econ and Personal Finance
      Direct Study Business Prog
     Laura Houghlin Intro to Health & Medical Services