• Attendance


    Debbie Tate


    What to do if your son or daughter has been absent:

    A note with the student's full name and signed by the parent or guardian, stating a valid reason for the absence, must be presented to the attendance office the day following an absence.

    How does a student get the class work missed while out sick?

    Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. Students are expected to ask their teachers for work they missed and to complete it as directed by the teacher. Counselors may be contacted to obtain assignments if the student has an absence of three or more day
    Debbie Tate
    Attendance Secretary

    Can a student get an early dismissal from school?

    Yes, requests for early dismissal must include the time, reason, and parent's telephone number; must be signed by the parent or guardian; and must be brought to the attendance office prior to the beginning of classes. Students must sign out in the attendance office at the time of early dismissal. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence from any classes missed.
    Attendance Officer responsibilities include:
    • Preparing the 'Daily Bulletin' that reports absences to the teachers and has special announcements of concern to both students and teachers
    • Maintaining accurate databases for tracking absences and tardies
    • Contacting home to notify parents of attendance issues
    • Assisting the principal in maintaining discipline databases
    • Collecting Federal survey cards
    • Assisting the technology coordinator with the distribution of network logon passwords
    • Maintaining databases for forms and locker information