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    The Reading Specialist at Seaford Elementary provides both teacher support and student remediation services.  The Reading Specialist helps teachers with their reading instruction planning, resources and professional development.  The Reading Specialist is integral in identifying students in need of extra reading support.  The following sources of data are used to determine which students are in need of additional reading assistance:

    PALS (Phonological Awareness and Literacy Screening) in grades K - 3

    Oral Reading Records (A reading running record and comprehension assessment)

    SOL Assessments

    Classroom performance


    (these are offered for students who need additional support in reading as determined by the above listed assessments)

    MAKING CONNECTIONS:  This is a program that focuses on promoting reading comprehension.  Students are taught reading strategies using nonfiction texts.  This program is for students close to being on grade level in reading.  Small groups of three work with a para-educator trained in Making Connections.  This intervention lasts for approximately eighteen weeks (one semester).

    READING SPECIALIST SERVICES: The reading specialist works with small groups of students performing below grade level in reading.  The group work may focus on phonics strategies word study, word recognition, comprehension strategies, fluency, vocabulary, and test-taking skills.  Instruction is based on the needs of the student.  The duration of this intervention depends on student progress as noted on the reading assessments listed above.

    TUTORING:  Para-Educators are involved in student tutoring with reading during the school day.  One or two students will work with a para-educator on reading and writing skills as well as skill objectives indicated by the classroom teacher.  The reading specialist monitors and provides resources for the tutorin sessions.  The duration of this intervention depends on the progress of the student based on reading assessments.