• Middle School Arts Magnet (mSAM)

    The Middle School Arts Magnet (mSAM) program provides enrichment and instruction in literary arts, theatre arts, and dance arts for students in grades 6-8. Learning experiences encourage students to work independently and collaboratively to develop writing skills, prepare performances, and create exhibitions that display their appreciation of the arts, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and enhance self-esteem. Excellence in the arts is a natural extension of the middle school academic program.

    Curriculum Connections

    The Middle School Arts Magnet provides the opportunity for middle school students to explore in an interdisciplinary manner the literary, theatre, and dance arts while completing required CORE academic subjects and electives in middle school. The academics program provides students with CORE instructional hours similar to those of non-magnet students and prepares them for the Standards of Learning tests. The York County School Division Honors Program and gifted education services are available to the eligible students in the Middle School Arts Magnet.