• Reading Specialist

    Mrs. Pressley

    Stephanie Pressley, Reading Specialist

    Phone: 757.898-0558 ext 30415

    Email:  spressley@ycsd.york.va.us

    The reading specialist is a teacher whose primary role is to work in small group settings with students who are having difficulty reading at their grade level. The goal is to teach these students reading strategies and skills which they can use while reading any text. The reading specialist also works alongside English, Science, and Social Studies teachers on reading techniques specific to their content. 

    Stephanie Pressley is in her 13th year as an educator and worked previously in Newport News and Isle of Wight County Schools before coming home to York County. Pressley is a product of York County Schools and attended Dare Elementary, York Middle School, and York High School. Pressley received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Raford University and majored in Elementary Education. She continued her education to receive her Master of Teaching and Reading Specialist endorsement from Regent University and an Educational Leadership Endorsement from George Washington University.  Pressley has been awarded several accolades, including Student Teacher of Year (2009), Elementary Teacher of the Year (2013), and Reading Teacher of the Year (2018). Pressley has a passion for teaching struggling readers as she once was a student who had difficulty reading. It fuels her passion to work with our most vulnerable students and help them grow to become better readers who see their true potential.