• Assessment and Compliance Coordinator

  • Welcome to Grafton Middle School, home of the Clippers.  As the Assessment and Compliance Coordinator, my primary function is to coordinate and manage the school’s state, national and division-wide testing programs. 

    In addition, my responsibilities include:

    • Coordinating and implementing online SOL testing as mandated by YCSD; coordinates the school-based local verified credit program.
    • Works with YCSD Attendance Officer to develop and to implement attendance plans; addresses disciplinary referrals related to truancy and school and class tardiness.
    • Coordinating all components of student 504 plans, including scheduling evaluations, eligibility meetings, Section 504 meetings and provides leadership in the development of these plans.
    • Plans, manages paperwork and facilitates all meetings related to student 504 plans; observes, interprets and documents observations related to requirements of Section 504 plans.
    • Works with building principal to create and implement remediation programs and identify students for the programs; maintains all student remediation records and completes reports required for remedial programs and funding.
    • Coordinating and managing student truancy and discipline related to school and class attendance.
    • Coordinating and monitoring processes and requirements related to eligibility and implementation of 504 plans.

    Please feel free to contact me at anytime with questions or concerns.  I look forward to working with each of you this school year.

    Aaron Dodge
    Assessment and Compliance Coordinator
    Grafton Middle School

    Office # (757) 833-8147

    Fax # (887) 829-0314