• IPOP Preschool

    Preschool Teachers

    Teachers:        Sarah Brown       Julianne Carrigan

    Para-educators:              Tiffany Roberts                  Amie Verastek

    The Early Childhood Special Education Program (ECSE) is Part B of IDEA in Virginia and provides services for children from age two to kindergarten age who qualify according to state and federal law. The ECSE Program provides early intervention services for children who have delayed functioning; manifest atypical development or behavior; or have behavioral disorders that interfere with the acquisition of developmental skills. Preschoolers may be found eligible for ECSE services under one or more of the 14 disability categories which are defined in federal and state regulations. The goals, settings, and related services that are needed to assist identified children’s development are individualized. School personnel working collaboratively with the child’s family develop an individualized plan with goals and objectives to meet the child’s developmental needs. A limited number of preschool classrooms are part of the Integrated Preschool Outreach Program (IPOP). IPOP is a language-based, preschool environment offering a wide variety of enriching activities in an educational setting which serves both students who are typically developing and those with special needs. The curriculum places emphasis on socialization and readiness skills. Students are involved in all school-wide activities including library, art and music classes. The Virginia Preschool Initiative Program (VPI) serves at risk students who have reached their fourth birthdays by September 30th and are not served by the Head Start Program. VPI is a family-focused, language-based preschool program where students are engaged in high quality educational activities with a primary focus on school readiness, health, nutrition and social skills. Students participate in all school-wide activities, including library, art and music classes.