• Grade 4



    Welcome to 4th grade. We are so excited for this school year! Even though this year will look very different, our focus remains on building relationships with our students, providing rigorous curriculum, and developing independent and reflective learners. With the goal of developing a love of reading, our fourth graders will be encouraged to read a variety of student selected text as well as engage in discussions and complete tasks that will further their comprehension. There are several math skills to be covered this year, but through them all we will focus on reasoning. It is through exploration and communication that students are encouraged to learn more and this allows for mastery of facts, procedures, strategies, and ideas. Virginia Studies and Science will come alive with relevant, cross-curricular connections, technology enhanced resources, and performance tasks. Above all, this will be a year to focus on digital citizenship while not forgetting the importance of our social-emotional health. We look forward to being a part of your child’s academic development!

     Parents of all students have the ability to view their child’s progress in school via the Aspen Family Portal. Please visit the Aspen Family Portal page for additional information.