• Grade 1

    grade 1

    First grade is a pivotal year in your child’s education. We are so excited to foster your child’s development of foundational skills in literacy and math this year! During literacy instruction, your child will become a word magician by playing with sounds in words, continue to build on his/her ability to read and spell through word study instruction, and develop a love of reading fiction and non-fiction texts. First grade math continues to build a strong foundation in number sense that will be applied in real life settings. We will also work on developing fact fluency for both addition and subtraction facts within 10. For specific resources, see your child’s teacher’s Canvas page. We look forward to an amazing year watching your child grow! 


    Rachel Cliborne 
    Emily McCane
    Amanda Phaup 
    Alicia Rhamy
    Jenna Rowe 
    Robin Ship 

    Parents of all students have the ability to view their child’s progress in school via the Aspen Family Portal. Please visit the Aspen Family Portal page for additional information.