• When Your Child Is Sick

    Safer at Home

    All students, parents/guardians, and employees are encouraged to remain at home if they have come in contact with a person diagnosed positive with COVID-19, if they are awaiting COVID-19 test results, or they have any of the symptoms listed below. Additionally, it is highly recommended that individuals presenting these symptoms seek medical advice from a healthcare provider. 

    • Active vomiting/diarrhea
    • Fever/chills/generalized body aches (fever is considered 100°F or higher unless the person has other symptoms along with the fever)
    • Cough/shortness of breath (symptoms not associated with known diagnosed medical conditions)
    • Fatigue (not associated with a known diagnosed medical condition)
    • New loss of appetite/taste/smell
    • Sore throat with one additional symptom
    • Undiagnosed new skin rash over a large percentage of the body

    Parents are encouraged to conduct a daily health screening before their student comes to school. See link below:

    Daily Health Screening

    Becoming Sick while at School/Work

    Student and staff members who begin to feel unwell while on premises must see the school nurse for assessment. If the student has a fever of 100 degrees or higher, or any of the COVID-19 related symptoms are evident upon assessment, the nurse will take the following actions:

    • Contact the student’s parent/guardian to pick the student up
    • Place the student in a “quick quarantine” room (staff members who are able to drive home will be asked to leave or be placed in the “quick quarantine” room) 
    • Notify the school principal and the YCSD health services coordinator
    • Provide the parent/guardian or staff member with an instruction sheet, based on CDC Guidelines, outlining when they can return