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    Scholarship Information

    GHS Scholarship Information

    Use the Scholarship Calendar above and the links below to find scholarships! Check back regularly! Local scholarships will be updated as soon as new information comes to the Counseling Office. Students should use the Scholarship Calendar as a supplement to their scholarship research as it does not contain ALL scholarships (check out the links below!); however, it does contain many local scholarships that will have smaller applicant pools!

    Scholarship Advice:

    1. Request transcripts at least 5 business days in advance
        (utilize Parchment whenever possible!).
    2. Request letters of recommendation at least 3 weeks in advance.
    3. Ensure that your application in complete! Whether you are submitting online or to the GHS Counseling Office, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure ALL of your materials are included with your application.
    4. Focus on the DETAILS! Make sure you follow ALL the requirements in the scholarship criteria.
    5. PLAN ahead (deadlines are firm!) and stay ORGANIZED!
    6. Check your school email REGULARLY for more information about scholarships from the GHS Counseling Department!


    Highlighted Scholarships! 


    Virginia Tech Pamplin Leadership Award

    Opening on November 1st, 2022, the Pamplin Leadership Award (PLA) is a $5000 Scholarship for Virginia Tech Applicants. Grafton will be selecting one nominee for the award. The Pamplin Leader award seeks students who demonstrate superior intellectual promise and academic performance, dedication to their communities, interest and success in physical fitness and health, and unimpeachable integrity. Students who accept this award must also agree to join the Honors College and work toward an Honors Laureate Diploma. 


    Applicants should be members of the Class of 2023 planning to attend Virginia Tech for their 4-year Degree.

    Applicants must have over a 3.8 Cumulative Grade Point Average

    Applicants must submit an essay to their School Counselor by Friday, January 6th, 2023 that meets the following criteria:

    In 500 words or less, describe your understanding of effective leadership, including some qualities of effective leadership and how you measure the success of an effective leader. Additionally, describe the qualities of one effective leader you know, including how they exemplify these qualities. As you develop your own leadership roles, how do you plan to apply these qualities?

    Link to Scholarship details can be found here: https://vt.academicworks.com/opportunities/23438